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Free Shipping On All Orders Over $100 | Free Pickup is Available

Reiki To Heal Financial Blockages

Reiki To Heal Financial Blockages

Dave has experienced what money can do to people, and he knows exactly how financial blocks can pace a choke hold on someone's life.  Reiki energy heals beliefs of prosperity and brings abundance back into your life.

Reiki can go a long way in helping remove the money blocks that may be holding you and your success back. Reiki life force energy flows through us all the time but any blockages will hinder its flow

Working With Reiki Healing To Alleviate Financial Blocking

Reiki healing works on a spiritual level, creating harmony between the physical self and spiritual self. Reiki is the perfect tool to remove blocked beliefs as Reiki works on an energetic level, it can remove negative blocks in your aura and chakras that are present in your spirit and bring about a calm, relaxed state of being.

Dave uses Reiki healing for clearing blockages for abundance and finances in his clients. His Reiki treatments help find the root cause of the blockage and he creates a space for you to hold so that you can release the blockage. when the financial blockage is removed, flow becomes to come into your life on many levels that will astound you.

Dave treats all his Reiki clients in a his studio at Collective Alchemists in Hillsboro, Oregon. This space of healing allows you to relax in the knowledge that you are safe and will leave the healing feeling lighter and more in control of your financial future.

Financial Reiki Healing Sessions are $100 and you can book your appointment HERE. As a Reiki Master, Dave also provides this healing for other Reiki practitioners and healers to help them to grow their businesses and client base.

This Reiki treatment allows anyone to work on the blocks in their own system, helping them to feel safe, grow, and feel worthy of abundance and financial freedom.

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