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Flower Agate

Description:  Flower agate was discovered in Madagascar.  It is a soft pink Agate/Chalcedony crystal.  It is a stone for helping us reach our highest potential by protecting us from our harsh inner voice that promotes self doubt.

Chakras:  Heart, Root Chakra

Color: Flower Agate comes in a wide range of colors which include brown, white, red, gray, pink, black, and yellow.

Zodiac: Virgo

Physical Healing Properties: Flower Agate is an excellent stone to help manage stress.  It impacts your emotional state in a way that it helps to decrease the physical effects of negative stress on the body.  Stress can be one of the most harmful toxins to a body because it can hurt us in many ways.  By helping alleviate stress-related ailments Flower Agate has become a go to for many healers. The calming properties are said to reduce instances of stress, leading to a more consistent and calm baseline within the body.

Mental Healing Properties: The physical appearance of a Flower Agate crystal resembles an emotional journey.  The field of flowers that you can see within the crystal represents the changes that you can experience in your emotional states.  The energy that flows from this stone helps to bring light to the darkness, allowing you to live a life more filled with peace. It is the darkness that prevents us from moving forward in life.  This stone will allow you to bring enough light and clarity into your life that you will be emotionally stronger to overcome your problems and accept them.  This will allow you to learn from the experiences and grow instead of hide from your shame.

Spiritual Healing Properties: When you are able to overcome your sadness your spirit will heal.  This will being you into closer contact with your inner self and your spirit guides and angels.  This stone will allow you to connect with the joy in the universe and help you connect with your passion and hope for things to come.  It helps your learn from the past, live in the present, and realize your dreams for the future.

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