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Tumbled Amber - Small

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Small Tumbled Amber Pieces that will be intuitively selected for you.


Strictly speaking, amber is not a crystal, as it’s a fossilized tree resin. An ancient gem, amber has been prized for centuries for its energetic and healing properties. Because it comes from trees, it’s an amazing grounding stone, great for plugging into the healing energies of the earth.

Chakra: Throat, but cleanses/purifies all chakras

Color: Orange, yellow, cream, gold

Zodiac: Aquarius, Leo

Physical healing properties: Amber is a powerful healing stone, drawing inflammation and disease from the body. It’s great for treating throat issues. Amber is a great protective stone for children, and many parents have found amber necklaces help calm teething babies!

Mental healing properties: Amber might be one of the oldest substance used in magic. Beads, pendants, and tools of amber have been found in northern European gravesites dating back to 8000 B.C. Because amber comes from trees and is a fossil, it’s commonly associated with time and life cycles. Amber helps with tapping into the Akashic field, and is sacred to those working with Earth energies, as many early healers believed it to contain the very essence of life itself.

Spiritual healing properties: A great stone for healers, amber imparts a protective shield to keep empaths and healers from taking on other’s pain. Amber is often used to purify, as it’s great at removing negative energies. It also helps keep those negative energies out once the space has been cleansed. For healers, it helps tremendously when removing negative entities from energetic fields, and helps settle and seal life energies and clear lingering negative patterns. Amber protects budding healers by protecting against negative forces until they’re able to better control their intuitive skills.