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Art - "Set of Waves" by Oceania Galleria

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We are so please to have partnered with Oceania Galleria here in Hillsboro.  We saw Dre's incredible work at the farmer's market and we were delighted when her and her husband agreed to let us showcase some of their pieces!

Come in to check out their art!

Oceania Galleria first opened its doors in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is run by a husband and wife team out of Hillsboro, Oregon. Dre is the creative hand behind the art, while Blake manages operations and logistics.

Oceania Galleria's original mission was to help bring Ocean inspired art into people's homes through the epoxy resin medium. As Dre has followed her inspirations, she has learned to use the scroll saw as well as hone her skills with epoxy. She continues to branch out with new colors and designs. Most recently she has started to take on custom silhouette scroll saw pieces to capture special moments in people's lives. All of Dre's pieces are either hand-painted, cut, or sanded taking hours to create.