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Book - You Are a Gift to The World

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From birth we are led to believe that we should only do what other people want us to do. We are taught that we are here to grow into a duplicate of our family members and accept whatever comes our way. As we grow up, society tells us that we should do what others want us to do and not necessarily what is right for us. This book will help you discover how unique you truly are. How to embrace that uniqueness and use all of your gifts to be the light in this world that you were destined to be. It is time to embrace your personal power and be the hero that this world needs.

This book is about the author's journey of self-discovery and self-love. It talks about overcoming social programming through self-awareness. The theme of this book is to never give up on yourself and believing that your unique abilities are gifts. You are special and you will learn ways to not let anyone take your spark away from you. You have so much to offer yourself and to others.

My intention when writing this book is to inspire you both within its pages and beyond.


ISBN: 978-1737753100

253 Pages