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Shungite Massage Wand

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Shungite is well known for its shielding and purifying powers. An immensely protective stone, shungite is great for empaths, healers, and energy workers.

Chakra: Solar plexus, root

Color: Black. Regular shungite is deep, dark black, and isn’t as fragile as the other two types of shungite; as a result, almost all shaped items are made of regular shungite. Petrovsky shungite is lighter black to dark grey; commonly found raw. Elite shungite has a silvery or shiny surface similar to hematite, and has the highest energy of all three types. Because it’s so high in carbon (elite shungite is more than 95% carbon), it’s very fragile & unable to be shaped; almost always sold in raw shape with rough edges.

Zodiac: Scorpio

Physical healing properties: Shungite has been considered an all around beneficial stone for the immune system. Shungite is said to absorb pollutants, protect against radiation, and protect against vibrational emissions. It has a powerful boosting effect to the immune system.

Mental healing properties: Shungite is great for empaths, as it helps filter out negative energies and intentions. Shungite can bring light during dark times, as it helps to filter out negative self-talk and negative patterns.

Spiritual healing properties: Shungite is a fantastic grounding stone, and it helps anchor the body to the earth. It’s very supportive of energy workers, as it helps protect from any negative energies or ill-will. Great for grounding, rooting, and balancing energies.